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General background
Landsat image of Everett Washington

For over 25 years I have been active in extracting complex spatial information from remotely sensed data sets. These research activities have focused on combining different scales, temporal characteristics and types of data sets with diverse technologies (from GIS to geology) to aid in the extraction of subtle features from remotely sensed imagery. These efforts have involved all types of commercial satellite systems, advanced airborne systems, and considerable experience with all types of government systems. Recent research activity has focused on:

  • stochastic characterization of hyperspectral imagery,
  • exploiting changing temporal features to support advanced ecological modeling , and
  • the development of advanced data fusion algorithms.
While this research has included algorithm development with a wide variety of languages, computing environments and data structures current work is focused on developing spatial analysis tools with Python. In addition to research I have also taught graduate level spatial analysis classes at Washington State University. Currently I am an independent consultant working out of Terra GIS  

Past Employment:

Senior Research Scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Washington State University (WSU): Adjunct Lecturer


General background

Personal Interests:

I have a long term interesting in exploring the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Most recently I have been combining my interest in computer map making and hiking by creating a web site designed to provide quick access to trail information for the serious hiker. While some rudimentary explanatory text and statistics is included the intent is to provide most of the information in the form of maps.



Recent Projects/References:


Professional Affiliations:

Email: gregg.petrie(at)ieee.org